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Genexine focuses on
the research and development of novel drugs.

Cancer and immune-related diseases
are resulted from an imbalance of
the immune system.


Cancer Immunotherapy(Immuno-Oncology)

Pursue therapeutic strategy to hard-to-treat cancers; non-inflamed cold tumors

Therapeutic strategy

  1. 1Restoration of immune surveillance capability in patients with lymphopenia ⇒ Increase T cell numbers with GX-I7(human IL-7-hyFc) treatment
  2. 2Induction of tumor-specific T cell responses ⇒ Increase tumor-specific T cells with cancer vaccines
  3. 3Overcome immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment ⇒ Maximize the oncolytic effector function of tumor-specific T cells


Immune-related and autoimmune diseases

Suppressive regulation of self-reactive immune responses through immune checkpoint ligand (GX-P1) and combination with immunosuppressive cytokine (GX-P10)

Currently approved drugs for autoimmune diseases mainly target inflammatory cytokines such as anti-TNF. Since these drugs usually focus on alleviating the symptoms, not on the immune cells causing the disease, there are critical unmet needs to improve clinical benefits in non-responders and patients who have relapsed. With GX-P1 and GX-P10, Genexine is pursuing a fundamental approach to the disease-causing immune cells in which the auto-reactive immune cells are controlled by suppressive PD-1/PD-L1 signaling and by additional combination with an immunosuppressive cytokine.