Long-acting hyFc Fusion Platform Minimize Interaction, Maximize Long-acting

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hyFc Technology

As a long-acting antibody platform technology, hyFc technology was developed to lead to long-acting drugs. It combines the advantages of bio-derived substances IgG4 and IgD, which are not recognized as immunogens in vivo.

IgD has high hinge flexibility, minimizing protein-to-protein interaction to increase drug efficacy, and lowering cytotoxicity problems through ADCC and CDC. By binding with FcRn, IgG4 is recycled (regeneration) in vivo, enabling it to have long-acting (persistence) through this.

hyFc constitutes a long-acting antibody fusion technology by hybridizing specific elements of flexible hinge of IgD and long-lasting IgG4 Fc


Circulation of antibody fusion protein in vivo

Antibody fusion protein has long-acting in vivo through cellular blood circulation process.