CEO Message Genexine,
Guide to a Healthier tomorrow
Leading K-bio company based on proprietary platform technologies
which can helps patients who suffer from diseases

Welcome to Genexine

Genexine is a leading K-bio company based on proprietary platform technologies to develop novel bio-pharmaceutical and orphan drugs which can help patients who suffer from diseases.

We are excited about the potential and the future of Genexine as we make the exciting transition from a research based organization to one focused on the commercialization of our first products and global expansion outside Korea to leverage worldwide markets in the United States, Europe and the rest of Asia.

Our primary focus is on the patient and delivering safe and effective medicines to all patients worldwide at affordable prices. We approach drug discovery and development from an innovative perspective always trying to develop products that are novel and differentiated and represent first and best-in-class treatments.

We have implemented a collaborative culture both internally and externally, having secured numerous partnerships worldwide to help us advance products efficiently and cost-effectively. This has helped us develop a robust pipeline of novel compounds and advance their development in numerous territories.

I believe Genexine is truly unique in that we have such a strong base in Korea and access to novel technology and drug development experts and now, as we embark on our global ambitions, we will be able to access technology, talent and capital markets on a worldwide basis, differentiating us from many or most other biopharma companies. Being able to leverage and conduct global drug development we believe will drive significant shareholder value and enable us to commit to our passion of improving the lives of patients everywhere.

We invite you to follow our journey and reach out to us with questions and ideas as we build Genexine into a global leader committed to patients, our shareholders, diversity, sustainability and adhering to strong corporate governance.

Neil Warma