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Saving lives through innovation

Genexine is a leading biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering, developing and commercializing first and best-in-class immunotherapies for cancer and antibody therapies for rare diseases. With its headquarters located in Seoul South Korea, Genexine is currently undergoing a transformation to be the first Korean biopharmaceutical company to expand onto the global stage.

Genexine’s pipeline of innovative medicines is built upon two proprietary technologies, hyFc® and DNA vaccine platforms. The hyFc® platform technology is used for development of long-acting protein drugs, maximizing the half-life of drugs in the human body through fusion with various drugs. A second proprietary platform technology developed by Genexine is its DNA vaccine platform. The platform inserts a genetic fragment involved in protein production into a vaccine, eliciting immune responses in the human body to fight viral infection and cancer cells.

As a part of the company’s transition to becoming a commercial stage, global company, Neil Warma was appointed as President&CEO in 2022. He has outlined his vision for commercializing Genexine’s first products and expanding into the North American and global market. In May 2022, Genexine moved to its new headquarters, “Genexine-ProGen Bio Innovation Park” in South Korea’s world-class technology park in Magok, Seoul to strengthen its research capabilities in a strong R&D-focused environment.


Vision to be Global Bio Leader by 2030

With 22 years of history, Genexine is positioned to deliver on its goal of becoming a leading, global biopharmaceutical company by 2030. The company has built a solid scientific foundation for growth through strong R&D, CMC and development capabilities. It is now poised to expand beyond the Korean borders to complement its drug development efforts on a global scale. Genexine’s goal is to become the first Korean global biopharmaceutical company.

Genexine is committed to becoming a global biopharmaceutical company and further expand its operations. It is planning to open its first global office in the United States in 2023 in order to broaden its access to technology, markets and expertise. Genexine is unique in that it has access to a strong talent base and technology in Korea and will soon be able to expand and access similar in the U.S. and globally.

Core Values

Constant innovation and challenges
based on our core values


Our dream is to develop medicines to improve and save the lives of patients. In doing so, we remain dedicated and passionate in all our endeavors and strongly believe in a culture of collaboration, growth and the development of both the corporation and the individual.


We value making an effort to yield the best outcomes through passion and engagement based on our diligence toward achieving organizational and personal goals.


We uphold the attitude of improving outcomes and reinvigorating the organization by creating a synergistic environment. We cooperate closely by sharing beneficial ideas and information within the organization and believe in teamwork based on mutual respect and consideration.


We believe in having a positive attitude in all that we do to proactively and efficiently achieve our goals and support patient outcomes, despite the numerous challenges and complexities in developing novel drugs.